Flash Talk / Flash Translate
Flash Talk

Flash Talk is a fun way to get attention using bright, colorful letters, words and symbols on your iPhone. Donít shout it out, with Flash Talk you can send notes, flirt, zing your friends, order drinks, ask for the check. Or, use it as flash cards for kids.

Flash Talk is ideal at:

- Bars and Clubs
- Sporting events
- Conferences
- Public Transit
- Cafes
- Classrooms
- Business meetings
- Restaurants
- Concerts
- Live events
- Shopping malls

Flash Translate

Flash Translate is fun way of communicating in ANY foreign language. Just type in anything you want to say and select the language you want to translate, next, your iPhone will flash your sentence in the language of your choice. You won't sound silly anymore trying to pronounce other languages. Just flash what you want to say. This is one cool app! Don't leave home without it! Perfect tool for world travelers.

Flash Translate is ideal at:

- Foreign countries
- Hotels and Restaurants
- Airports and Transit terminals
- Taxis, Buses, Trains
- Social interaction
- Conferences
- Cafes
- Tourist attractions
- Schools
- Education, Learning

* internet connection required